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Things that Set Apart Cannabis Oil from Hemp Oil

Do not confuse hemp and marijuana for they are different species of cannabis. CBD oil, CBD hemp oil, and hemp oil mean the same thing. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant while cannabis oil is drawn from marijuana. There are unique things that set apart cannabis oil from hemp oil.

CBD oil is legal in the US, but cannabis oil is illegal. You are therefore within your rights to consume CBD oil products in the US, but you are violating the law when you consume cannabis oil products, which is stated by the regulations as drug and substance abuse. US allows its citizens grow marijuana for production of medicinal CBD oil and to also, possess, manufacture and sell CBD products but not cannabis oil. The US allows people to export CBD oil products across the boundaries to nations that allow consumption of marijuana, but you will be drug trafficking if you export cannabis oil products.

Different parts of a plant are used to extract cannabis oil and CBD oil. Seeds, stalks, and flowers of hemp have a high content of cannabinoid hence they are all used to make CBD oil. The flowers are the only parts of Marijuana plant that are used to make cannabis oil for flowers of marijuana have the highest cannabinoid content.

The purposes of CBD oil and cannabis oil are different. There conditions that doctors may recommend the use of CBD oil such as arthritis and glaucoma, surgery and so on while cannabis oil is used for fun to make people hallucinate. Chemical balance is essential in humans hence CBD oil stimulates the endocannabinoid system to balance chemicals in the body. The pain subsides faster when you take cannabis oil rather than CBD oil because doctors do not regulate the number of sedative elements in cannabis oil.

CBD oil and cannabis oil makes one feel different. You will not hallucinate or get addicted to cannabis oil because it leaves you relaxed and conscious of activities in your environment, but you will be when you take hemp oil for you will be relaxed and aware of the things that will be going on environment you. Doctors use cannabis oil on patients if the pain is extraordinarily chronic or one is too depressed to help you feel better faster, but they do not wish to get you intoxicated or addicted.

The cannabidiol content in CBD oil and cannabis oil are distinct. The majority of CBD oils are combined with other terpenes and cannabinoids from hemp. There are varying proportions of THC and CBD in both products. CBD oil has more CBD than THC elements and vice versa is true for cannabis oil. The legal limit for THC is 0.3%, and CBD oil adheres to this limit, but cannabis oil has 5% to 30%.

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